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Thanks to Rook, I’m Married!

Jeremy & Cathy MarriedFor all you single guys and girls out there, looking for “the one” to walk into your life, you probably would not have guessed that playing rook would be ultimate in strategies for meeting that special someone.  Well, guess what, neither did my wife and I, but thanks to a mean little bird game called rook, I am happy to say I met the love of my life!

2 years ago, I received a call from a friend of mine to go with him to a friend’s house to play rook.  As I stepped foot into the apartment with my friend, I saw to sweet females smiling and welcoming me in to there home.  I grew up mostly playing bridge and other regular card games, so although I knew most of the concepts of rook, I hadn’t really played it all that much.  But walking into that apartment, I suspected that these females were probably not all that serious about card playing anyway and it was just going to be a fun time.  Man was I wrong!

These sweet smiley girls surprised the heck out of me because they knew the game of rook so well!  They were counting cards and payed attention to all the details of the game.  I am a very serious card player, but I had no idea that I would ever meet females that were as serious as I was.  I know it sounds sexist, but I never met females that ever took card playing seriously.  It wasn’t too long after that I was introduced to a number of female rook players, all very skilled and took the game very seriously.  I have since found out, to my surprise, that there are in fact a number of women that play cards and play them very well, there is just a secret society of them.  Of course I did suspect that before, but I never suspected it from this one particular girl.

Her name was Cathy.  She is probably the sweetest and nicest woman you will ever meet (ok, I’m a bit biased).  When I got there, she was as warm and welcoming as can be.  Of course I thought she was probably trying to hit on me since I am so darn attractive, but I soon saw that she treated everyone just as sweet.  It is just part of her nature.  But card playing typically does not bode well for nice people.  You have to be a bit ruthless in the way you play in order to win.  So it was a complete surprise when this sweet girl I just met, wooped me and my partner’s butt all across the room.  I admit I was still a rookie at rook, but I did not expect to get beat that badly.

My ego was hit hard…but my eyes quickly opened to the possibility that I may have met the one woman on earth that not only is the sweetest of girls that I was looking for in a mate, but also shared my enjoyment of card playing.  Yes, it didn’t take long before I devoted many hours to learning rook and winning Cathy over.  In a few months, it was no longer my friend and I partnering it up, but now Cathy and I were taking other teams on together.  We soon became a powerful rook partnership and were ready to take on anyone.  Spearheaded by our joint love of rook, Cathy and I quickly found many other commonalities and passions we shared which lead us to our happy marriage a few months ago.   Thanks Rook for looking out for me!  🙂

This story goes out to all those that are looking for meeting that special someone.  Rook is a great card game with great matchmaking potential.  I am living proof that this card game can bring to similar hearts together.

Note: Results may vary…finding a match by playing rook is not guaranteed.  Fall in love with a rook player at your own risk.  I do not take any responsibility for broken hearts.  🙂