Monthly Archives: June 2013

Playing Rook at the Beach

In Southern California, we are lucky enough to get a decent amount of beach days a year.  A full day at the beach may mean an hour driving to the beach in the morning and an hour driving home at night, mixed with a full day of activities in between.  Along with some fun beach activity including beach volleyball, surfing, frizbee, football, soccer, and the like.  We love to end the afternoon with some breezy rook playing.

Surprisingly, playing rook at the beach (while a bit sandy and windy) can be extremely fun.  If you are using the regular plastic coated rook cards, you may find the cards don’t last as well near the water, but some nice fully plastic cards will take care of that.

Keeping score can also be a bit difficult as papers may be flying all across the beach if you aren’t careful.  There are some simple phone apps out there that can keep score just fine though.

There are two things I never seem to get enough of, that is a day in the sun at the beach, or days where we get to play rook.  Mixing the two…priceless.