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Plastic “Bird” Cards by 57 Cards

It has been a few years since I’ve had a chance to post a new article on this website.  Well, to be honest, our Rook group has sort of taken a break with various changes in life…sort of sad.

The New Plastic Rook Game Deck at Amazon

I wanted to take a quick moment to share the news from 57 Cards that they have recently released their 10th Anniversary Deck of plastic Rook cards….and the good news is this deck has a bird figure in it.

The knock on 57 Cards over the years has been 2-fold.

  • Their card colors tend to fade of a decent amount of usage.
  • They didn’t have a bird figure.

Color-fading was sort of tolerated since their decks still lasted way longer than a plastic-coated deck of regular rook cards.  However, we if you were one that just wanted to use a bird in Rook (like us), than their previous decks weren’t for you.

However, this latest deck seems to hit the mark in the bird category.  It touts 2 bird cards, you get to pick which bird you like.  For some variations, I know 2 birds are actually used.

For Rook enthusiasts like us, this new deck is one worth checking out to see if your group enjoys their longevity, durability, slick-feel, and coloration.