Teach Your Kids Rook

My family was a little bit of a card family.  I grew up playing cards (bridge, sevens, hearts, spades) with my family about once a week.  It was sort of our traditional Friday evening activity.  While rook wasn’t introduced to my family until later in life, I certainly learned the basics of card playing while very young.

It is amazing how quickly kids can learn and grasp the strategic concepts of rook and board games or cards in general.  I recently was playing with my 10 yr old nephew chess.  We had only taught him the game a few weeks ago, and already I was having to pause throughout the game to really think about the best strategic moves to win the game.  He had learned the game well enough that already was thinking on a high level strategically.

I am reminded of when I was younger how much I loved to compete in cards.   I was a competitive kid as it was, and to have an outlet for my competitive side in something non-violent was great (not that I was trying to be violent, but just keeping myself out of trouble).

Now, years later as a parent myself, I am reminded of how important it is to teach and play cards with your kids early and often.  It is such a fun activity and if you are looking for ways to add more bonding time with your children, it is a perfect activity to incorporate weekly.

Rook makes for a great game to teach your kids early.  It is fun yet challenging for kids and they can grasp the concepts very early in life.

Please teach your kids so we can keep adding to our number of rook players.

One thought on “Teach Your Kids Rook

  1. Pam Colton

    I began playing ROOK (PARKER BROTHERS GAME OF GAMES) in 1957. I was having difficulty in Math and so my parents purchased the game, used it to improve my Math and I became an A student in Math. Over the years, the rules have been lost. To my knowledge there were only the 56 cards (1-14 in all 4 suits).
    How do you play the game?? Both my parents have recently passed and I just found the deck in their home.
    Thank you


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