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The Joy of Setting

OKay, so setting is not the kindest of things to enjoy, but there is a very satisfying feeling when your opponent calls trump as black, and you look down at your hand to see 5 black including the 1 and 13, and you know this is going to be a tough day for your partners.

In our home rook game, you can clearly find 2 distinct personalities around the card table.  There are the conservative bidders that rarely get set, and when they bid, you know they have the goods.  On the other end, you have the risky rook bidders.  These are the ones that see 5 cards to a suit and say,  hey, the kitty (nest) may have 5 more of my color – including the 1 – why not bid and who knows, I may dominate this hand.  The next thing you know they are calling trump with an 11 high five card suit only to feel the wrath of getting set by 100 pts.

It does make for an enjoyable game though.  Even the tightest of bidders get set every now and then.  Usually not by a big margin, but setting – even in a small way – can still bring a smile to your face.